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Train Your Cat Not To Afraid Of Water

Train your Cat not to afraid of water - Some times writers find it unusual, namely adult cats who are not afraid of the water. They walked calmly when it rains. Or not shy away when there are people nearby who was washing the car or watering the plant. And there is even a video that showed the cat hobby to swim. All of this indicates that this one's funny animals can be trained or conditioned in order to be familiar with the water. Then how?

The author has not been able to train your cat to be able to swim, but just not afraid of water had managed to do so for two cats a few years ago. And now being coached several kittens age three weekly.

The principle is actually trained cats, not tortured him. So there are a few things to note are:
  1. Do the kittens are about three weeks to a month, don't be under it because of their physical conditions still very weak.  they could even death. And nor did it once they pass the age of one monthbecause it would be more difficult to adapt. Especially after those two months, though her body was already resistant to sweep, a spark, even spray water, but would still be afraid of the water. 
  2. The method used is swapping kittens it with water, or splash them, do not like a man taking a bath. When the routine is done twice a day, then after adulthood they will not be afraid of the water. And if there water, they avoid it because of indications that his soul is threatened. For example when there is a large water discharge, floodingetc. 
  3. A sign that the kittens are able to adapt when she is quiet only when swapped with water. Maximum results will be visible when they are in two months.
  4. After a two-month-old kitten and used on a sweep or a splash of water, continue to train them in sink for example, bucket, or anything that could be used. Let the water soak their feet. High water is below the elbows feet, to keep them moving freely.
When the routine was trained at the age of three months, the kitten will be accustomed to playing any place contains water. Good luck, and don't be forced on kittens are alleged to have a weak body resistance.

I am an Indonesian who are learning to make English-language articles. Please give advise or correctly for me if the result is bad. And please share this article if that was useful. 

Bravo, cat lovers!

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