Jumat, 11 September 2020

Taking Writing Inspiration from a Cup

Taking Writing Inspiration from a Cup - This writing appears when I get stuck so my heart whispers, "What do you want to write now?" Thus, when this blog is not updated for quite a while, several symptoms then appear, and the most noticeable is a decrease in traffic.

When the confusion came, in front of me was a cup. Then the heart whispered, "Can not anything be written material, be an inspiration for writing, including a cup?" So my brain started working, one of the signs is that when the right hand moves, it reaches for the cup and is observed.

There seems nothing special about the cup at first glance, but when the brain gets more and more working, a number of questions arise. These questions will actually not cause any problems if they are not answered, although there is definitely an answer.

Among the questions is since when did humans discover the cup? No one really knows about this question. It could be that since the prophet Adam-cups have existed, although with different styles and materials.

For humans I prefer to use the word find rather than create, find a cup, rather than create a cup. Isn't the term the inventor of the steam engine more comfortable to use than the inventor of the steam engine? Humans will never be able to create.

The first cups known to Europe came from the Imari ceramic production center in Japan. Cups were imported by Europeans specifically for drinking tea which was a new drink at that time. The tea "cup" (tea bowl) used in East Asia does not have a handle. The first cups that the Europeans made at Meissen also lacked a handle because they simply imitated the Asian "cups" of tea.

As is the case with many other human property objects, the cup has not only a practical function but also an aesthetic function and a prestige function. Imagine how beautiful a cup is carved in Jepara style, that's an aesthetic function. Then only certain circles can have when a cup is made of gold, this is a function of prestige.

The spirit of this writing is actually simple, namely: Whatever is around us, can be used as inspiration for writing.

Thus the article from Kontakmedia entitled Taking Writing Inspiration from a Cup, may be useful. And thank you for visiting this blog.

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